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Things To Do on Martha’s Vineyard
Rent a Moped

It can be a lot of fun to rent a moped for 2 hours or an entire day in order to ride around Martha's Vineyard. Here are some prices and places to rent a moped:

Where to Rent:
From Oak Bluffs: There are several moped rentals right by the ferry docks. I usually rent from the place
across from the carousel on the dock side of the corner of Cicuit Avenue and New York Avenue but there are
plenty of other options.

From Vineyard Haven: Thrifty Rentals (phone: 508-693-1959) offers the following prices which are
characteristic of moped costs on the island:

Cost: (based on Thrifty Rentals)
2 Seater: 2 hour $60, whole day $99.95
1 Seater: 2 hour $40, whole day $49.95
Damage Waiver: $6, insures that you are not responsible for any damage to the moped
Gas Tank Refill: You will be asked to fill the tank before you return your moped.

Reservations: You can call up to one day ahead in order to reserve a moped. This is advisable if you are planning your visit for a holiday weekend or any weekend during high-season (mid-June to early September) in order to ensure availability. However, once you have made a reservation, it is non-refundable even if there is bad weather.

2-hours or whole day rental? - While it may not seem like a lot of time, it is definitely possibly to enjoy a simple 2-hour moped tour of the island. You can always take the bus back those places where you want to spend more time and your moped tour will help you to decide which places those are. Here are some suggestions for your moped tour:

Leaving from Oak Bluffs: Head down Beach Road towards Edgartown. It is great to ride along this road as it
abuts the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Sengekontacket Pond on the other. Once you reach Edgartown, you
can choose to lock up the moped while you do some window shopping or keep riding past the cobblestone
roads as you take a right onto Vineyard Haven Road towards the town of the same name. Once in Vineyard
Haven, this road becomes Edgartown Road and leads you right into the center of Tisbury (also known as
Vineyard Haven). This is a great place for some more window shopping and you might even be able to afford
a few trinkets to take home in contrast to the pricey items found in Edgartown. If you still have time, make sure
to grab a bite at The Black Dog restaurant located just off the docks (You can always take the bus back later if
time is short). When you are ready to return your rental, take Beach Road to New York Avenue (Be careful
of the very sharp left turn where these roads intersect!) back to the center of Oak Bluffs.

Leaving from Vineyard Haven: Start off by heading down Beach Road towards Oak Bluffs. NOTE: Be
careful of the very sharp left turn where Beach Road becomes New York Ave! In just a few short minutes,
you will be "pedding" past the docks of Oak Bluffs on your left with the back side of the Gingerbread House
area on your right. There is a really cute turnoff street on the left before the harbor that you can take to get a
glimpse of high-end island life, i.e. these harbor-view homes are amazing. Once you get into Oak Bluffs, you
can head straight to get to Ocean Park (full speed ahead until you reach the ocean) so you can lock up the
moped and walk around Oak Bluffs. This is a great town to do some shopping in because of the more
reasonable prices. Don't worry, if you don't feel like shopping, you can always stick to the 'do not miss' items
of riding the oldest carousel in America and walking around the Gingerbread House area (mopeds are frowned
upon down these small side streets). Once you are done in Oak Bluffs or if you have opted for the two-hour
moped excursion, follow the 'Leaving from Oak Bluffs' version above ending in Tisbury / Vineyard haven
where you can return your moped. If you opted for the shorter version, you can always take the bus to Oak
Bluffs to enjoy the walking tour.
In Oak Bluffs

This is the most family-friendly and fun town on MV. It is also the most inexpensive so if you are visiting with kids, just love to have a blast, or have a budget, Oak Bluffs is for you.

Flying Horses Carousel: Everyone has to ride this antique carousel with a twist. Unlike the normal and boring carousel rides, this ride challenges adventure-seekers on the outer horses to reach for rings with each full circle. Grab multiple rings with each pass in order to increase your chances of getting the coveted brass ring which entitles you to a FREE ride! HINT: The brass ring isn't added to the shoot until the last few circles so practice your ring grabbing but save some energy for the end of the ride in order to grab for the real prize. Ahem, and yes I have gotten the brass ring on one of my prior excusions to the island, plus I can pull down up to 4 rings per pass. How about you?

Gingerbread Houses: The Gingerbread House area is a sight to see. There are dozens of Victorian houses dolled up in bright multi-colored fashion one right after another throughout these several adjacent blocks. Located right after Ocean Park and behind Big Park, this attraction is not hard to find. The houses are close together so you can see dozens in just a short walk or bike ride but mopeds are frowned upon down these narrow streets.

Shopping: Inexpensive souvenier shops and boutiques line Circuit Avenue and the adjacent roads in Oak Bluffs. In case you don't have plans to make your way to the Black Dog Tavern in Vineyard Haven, there is also a Black Dog souvenier shop at 37 Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs as well.

Eating: There are cute and inexpensive cafes throughout Oak Bluffs.
Martha's Vineyard
In Vineyard Haven

Also known as Tisbury, Vineyard Haven is full of fancy boutiques interspersed with quaint souvenier shops and a few antique stores and art galleries.

Black Dog Tavern: The world famous restaurant is located just off the ferry dock in Tisbury. This is a don't miss place to visit and have a bite to eat. For the budget conscious, breakfast or lunch will have to do because dinner comes at a hefty price. Either way, it is a good idea to make reservations (phone: 508-693-9223). It is a well-known recommendation to pick up a bottle of wine at one of the island's signature wineries to bring to the Black Dog to have with lunch or dinner since Tisbury is a dry town. The tavern is happy to oblige your carried-in personal wine choice with glasses and an ice bucket. Visit http://www.theblackdog.com to learn more.

Black Dog Bakery: Just around the corner from the tavern on State Road, the Black Dog Bakery has multiple gift items in all shapes and sizes. Plus, they serve homemade breakfast items and deserts for visitors who want a taste of the Black Dog without the hefty dinner pricetag.

Antique Stores: Up on State Road just past the cemetary, there are a bunch of cute antique stores that I love to visit when I am in town.
In Edgartown

The priciest town on the island, Edgartown is known for high-end shops and antique stores as well as the homes of the rich and famous who enjoy New England island life, or at least summers.

Shopping: Personally, I just like window shopping in Edgartown and looking at the beautiful architecture of the buildings that comprise the town center. But for those with some cash to burn, Edgartown offers plenty of places to unload your unwanted cash. Take the bus into town or park your moped or bike and walk from shop to shop down the cobblestone streets to find what your heart desires.

Eating: There are several terrific restaurants in Edgartown. Since names and owners change regularly, I won't attempt a list here but rest assured that you can find a fine meal to meet the needs of even the most discriminating conousier in this high-end town.

Winery: There is a cute winery on West Tisbury Road that offers choice bottles of wines and tastings. Pick up a bottle to bring to dinner at the Black Dog Tavern in Vineyard Haven!

Ferry to Chappaquiddick: The on-time ferry offers service to Chappaquiddick Island from the dock in Edgartown. The ferry is always on time because there is no schedule. It runs back and forth on this short jaunt so the next boat is never far off. However, there is not much to see on this little island off an island. Some tourists like to look for the place that Senator Edward Kennedy ran off the road with his unfortunate lady passenger on the one-lane bridge located on Chappaquiddick. Others like to bring their bikes for a long ride down desolate roads with beautiful sand dune and ocean views.
Ride the Bus

To get from town to town, you can ride Martha's Vineyard Regional Transit Authority. As of the last edit to this page, fares were $1 per town each way or $6 for a day pass. At these reasonable prices, it's cheaper than gas!

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